SANLUB Clear Cut M is fortified with appropriate additives to prevent bacterial degradation of the emulsion. It also prevents rusting of the work piece and machine tool beds. It is recommended for a variety of cutting operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For general machining operations the emulsion is normally prepared with 5% oil and for grinding operation the emulsion has 2% of oil.


Product Details :

CharacteristicTest MethodsResults
Appearance Visual Bright & Clear
Density at 15° C D 1298 0.880
Ash % Wt. D 482 0.865
Copper Strip Corrosion D 130 Passes
Cast Iron Corrosion IP 125 Passes
Emulsion Stability & Frothing D 1479 Passes


*Packing Availabale in : 20 ltr, 50 ltr, 210 ltr