SANLUB Hydraulic-Cum-Way Oils are blended from high quality base oils used for hydraulic oils and fortified with anti-wear, anti-rust and tackiness additives required in way-lubricants. These oils would perform the function of a hydraulic fluid in non-critical systems and at the same time give the necessary stick-slip characteristics required of a way-oil under moderate load conditions.


Product Details :

CharacteristicTest MethodsSlide hydra 32Slide hydra 57Slide hydra 68Slide hydra 68
Density at 15º C D-1298 0.870 0.875 0.880 0.890
Flash Point °C COC D-92 150 150 150 230
Viscosity at 40º C cSt D-445 31 57 68 102


*Packing Availabale in : 20 ltr, 50 ltr, 210 ltr