SANLUB Auto Gear EP Oils are heavy duty type multipurpose gear oils formulated to give good oxidation stability for long service life. They contain EP (Extreme Pressure) additives that withstand high temperature and pour depressants that prevent the lubricant from channeling at low temperatures. These oils can be used where an API GL4 lubricant is recommended.


Product Details :

CharacteristicTest MethodsEP 80WEP 90EP 80W-90EP 140
Kinematic Viscosity at 100° C cSt IS-1448 : P-25 9-11 16-18 13-15 28-30
Viscosity Index, Min. IS-1448 : P-56 90 90 90 80
Flash Point °C COC, Min. IS-1448 : P-69 165 180 165 190


*Packing Availbale in : 20 ltr, 50 ltr, 210 ltr

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